Consular Services

The consulate services are provided according to principles of equality, impartiality, efficiency and transparency.

In accordance with its decree of limitation functions, this honorary consulate, in addition to representing the interests and the protection of the countrymen, offers different services. 

  • AIRE ( ) - Information Support

  • Registry Office ( Application to register a British Full Birth Certificate, divorce, marriage, change name, change surname) *info

  • Electronic Identity Card ( ) - Since January 2021, this documents can be requested via the General Consulate of Italy in London only.

  • Passport (passport for adult 18 years +, passport for minors 12-17 years of age, renew passport, stolen/lost document report .Collection and forwarding of documentation to the Consulate General ( )

    For ETD (emergency travel document), please refer to the General Consulate of Italy in London.

This consulate can collect requests for registrations in Italy of birth certificates, marriage certificates, civil unions between persons of the same sex and divorce sentences relating to Italian citizens, issued by the British Authorities which are then processed at the Consulate of Italy in Manchester . Please read the criteria carefully and download the necessary forms to the following LINK:

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